The State of Linux: Substantial Growth in Asia-Pacific

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Mark Rais, senior editor has posted new article about The State of Linux in India and rest of Asia pacific.

FTA “…Nearly every day we read about another major migration, adoption, or engagement of Linux in Asia-Pacific — and with good reason. After visiting the region, I find that most of the leading I.T. nations in Asia-Pacific are experiencing substantive Linux growth. I saw definitive signs of strong growth in the leading I.T. nations including: Australia, China, India, and New Zealand…“. Read the complete article online

Indeed demand for Linux professional is very high. When I started this tiny site I was alone today we have 4 contributing members. Half the traffic to our site comes from India and Asia.

Another reason is the cost of Microsoft operating system. Many IT companies/ Banks/ Government/ Public and private sectors prefer to use Legal software with Linux you do not have to pay much for software.

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