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Yesterday, I was searching for calc under Linux. As usual, I end up using bc – an arbitrary precision calculator for Linux/UNIX. It is a command line calculator. I also found Qalculate. It is not your regular software replication of the cheapest available calculator. Qalculate! aims to make full use of the superior interface, power and flexibility of modern desktop computers.


Why do I recommend Qalculate?

It has the expression entry input type, instead of entering each number in a mathematical expression separately, you can directly write the whole expression and later modify it. Just enter an expression as you would write it on paper, press Enter and voila!

In addition, it has tools to increase your efficiency, including a number base conversion dialog and a simple plotting interface.

Install Qalculate

Debian or Ubuntu Linux user simply type the following command. Open a terminal and enter:
# apt-get install qalculate-kde
# apt-get install qalculate-gtk

Note: Red Hat or Fedora or CentOS Linux user can download and install qalculate here.

How do I use qalculate?

Type the following command to start qalculate:
$ qalculate-kde &
$ qalculate-gtk &
Sample outputs:

Qalculate Desktop calculator
Fig.01: Qalculate in action
Fig.02 - Maths
Fig.02 – Maths
Fig.03 Calculating rate of interest
Fig.03 Calculating rate of interest
Fig.04: Currency converter
Fig.04: Currency converter

Supported functions

The software supports the following functions:

  1. Algebra and Analysis
  2. Calculus and Combinatorics
  3. Data Sets
  4. Date & Time
  5. Finance
  6. Exponents & Logarithms
  7. Geometry
  8. Statistics
  9. Trigonometry and more

Units give numbers meaning in the real world. They specify what is measured by the numbers and the scale used. Qalculate! fully incorporates units in calculations and includes all standard SI units as well as many non-standard local units. For example, it has Currency unit for currencies with up-to-date exchange rates.

Overall, it is a modern multi-purpose desktop calculator for Linux or Unix-like operating systems. It is a small and easy to use app with much power and versatility underneath.

See also
  • Qalculate! is easy to use self-explanatory calc, but reading its manual can help you maximize your productivity and discover unexpected features such as, ability to create and modify your own variables, functions and units directly from the user interface.


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