Time is Right For Linux Desktop PCs To Emerge

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Linux is capable of running a big iron server, routers, tiny devices, supercomputers and ATMs. However the million dollar question can Linux finally crack Microsoft Corp.’s hold on computing’s most visible domain — mainstream PCs?


I think Linux has the ability and the rise of inexpensive machines such as Asus EEE Pc ($300 notebook PC) is fine proof of concept. Over last few years I had worked with government and private project involving Linux on desktop. Many Indian state and union (federal) government supports Linux as desktop operating system. Linux is perfect for

  • Browsing / Internet / Chatting / Email
  • Office Application
  • Programming / Database etc

My personal experience shows that Linux can cut cost by 40 to 50 percent over comparable Windows computer.

This Yahoo news article provides further insight into current Linux desktop scenario:

Of course, prognosticators perennially say Linux is on the verge. It gets high marks for security and stability and is widely used behind the scenes in corporate servers, making it a natural candidate to steal desktop thunder from Microsoft’s dominant Windows. And yet Linux PCs still represent less than 2 percent of the market.

This time, though, there’s actually evidence of momentum.

While the best features in the latest Windows release, Vista, require top-notch configurations that can quickly ramp up a PC’s price, one of the hottest segments of the industry involves inexpensive computers.

What do you think? Is Linux ready for prime time?


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  1. Linux power users typically love linux for the flexibility it gives them.

    Windows users typically want it to “just work” and can’t be bothered about why a certain aspect would take more time. Work and home desktop are different environments as well. Linux may do well in the workplace before the home market.

    I personally think it will still take a while but things are headed in a good direction. I’ve been running no MS software at home since December 2007 and it’s nice but it’s been rough at times configuring hardware.

  2. Linux has according to a recent article reached 2,01% market share after growing with 61% in 9 months which is astonishing.

    If I look at some of my own websites and former websites you can clearly see by the webstat logs that more and more people are using Linux but we must remember that there are fundamental differences between Linux, Windows and Mac users as mentioned.

    I think we should be targetting mac users now rather than Windows users because Mac users are generally (but not necessarily) more tech-savvy than their Windows counterparts and would serve the open source community greatly. However Mac has also made great headway into Windows’ dominant desktop market share.

    Although both Mac and Linux have grown in market share I think it’s also partly due to the failure of Vista…

    My 2 cents

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