Top Linux, UNIX and Open Source Web sites of year 2005

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This is my list of year-2005 top Linux, UNIX and open source related web sites. The following sites are highly recommended for Linux/UNIX admin.


Linux Documentation Project
The best place to look for Linux documentations, howto and guides.
URL: Linux Documentation Project

FreeBSD Documentation
A wide variety of documentation is available for FreeBSD
URL: FreeBSD documentation.

IBM developerWorks Linux section
URL : IBM developerWorks

O’Reilly Network
It includes articles and Howtos on Linux, BSD, Apache, Sys-admin, Perl and other interesting topics.
URL: O’Reilly Network

Linux Gazette
It is online Linux magazine (a member of the Linux Documentation Project). Publish an excellent set of articles and howtos.
URL: Linux Gazette

It is dedicated to Linux (includes BSD/Solaris section too) and Mobile Computers.
URL: TuxMobil

Include articles, howtos, and product reviews for embedded Linux devices
URL: LinuxDevices

It is a web community devoted to sharing the latest in kernel development news.

It picks up the best of articles related to Linux/BSD/Sys admin
URL: Librenix

O’Reilly’s Electronic Safari Bookshelf
It’s an online, searchable library of over 2000+ computer books. It includes books from many good publishers. And best part is subscriptions are quite affordable. Try out their two-week free trial.
URL: Safari electronic bookshelf

No sys admin can live without Google
BSD Search: BSD special search
Linux Search: Linux special search
Windows Search: Windows special search

Google Usenet groups
Search for Linux, BSD, Solaris, Shell scripting, Perl and much more
URL: Google groups

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