Trusted and tried

Posted on last updated May 21, 2007

This is the list of highly recommended services and products (in random order).

  • Mint: Web Stats package
  • Softlayer : Our server hosting provider
  • : Secure remote backup service
  • Go Dadday Domains : For all my domains requirements
  • Dell India : My Laptop service provider
  • AMD : Affordable 64 bit computing platform – works great with Linux
  • OpenDNS : Free and functional – ultra fast and secure DNS name resolution service for home and business
  • Nokia Mobile N series phone : Mobile phone with tons of features
  • Yahoo webhosting : This site was hosted with them for couple of years. I moved from shared to dedicated as I needed to run my own CVS tree and shell access. During our stay, we successfully went through slashdot and dugg effect.
  • Pingdom : Website server monitoring service
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux – Leading open source enterprise grade Linux

I don’t have any affiliation with above product / service providers, but I received excellent products and sales after service. The price was right. Can’t ask for more!