Tuning MySQL server under Sun Solaris OS

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Recently I was searching for some MySQL performance tuning under Linux and I came across very interesting information about Tuning MySQL server under Sun Solaris OS.
We’ve got many instances of MySQL on the same server and we have run some of them on Solaris x64 for last few days. Well, it’s Solaris – I couldn’t resist and did look a little bit around on this server. Below you can find some examples what you can observer using DTrace and how easy it is. These examples aren’t exactly the ones I did use on production – these are similar but changed a little bit for simplification. Anyway they’re still useful. This time let’s try IO Provider… Read full article


Dtrace looks good to me after reading post. Well I’m downloading OpenSolaris and gonna try Dtrace soon 🙂


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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