Another Dead Distro: Turbolinux To Sign Deal With Microsoft

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Microsoft and Turbolinux, a Tokyo-based Linux distributor up with a patent cross licensing deal and agreement to work more closely together. At present, Windows and Turbolinux machines on a mixed network can’t access a common authentication database, but their deal should change this, said Noriko Otake, a spokeswoman for Turbolinux in Tokyo.

Yet another distro took the deal for FUD.


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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5 comment

  1. True Linux fans will dump it .. at least I will not use 🙂 and if all distro sign up for this FUD I will keep using something like BSD

  2. I did not even know turbolinux was still around. Any pub is good pub I guess. No intentions of using is regardless.

  3. Another distro to boycott. This goes against everything that GNU/Linux stands for. Say no to Novell/Suse, Linspire, and now TurboLinux!!

  4. You linix puppies marginalize linux with your short sighted attitudes!

    Thats why linux will stay a fringe system


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