How to: Install Ubuntu Linux on a flash drive and run from Windows

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This is an interesting idea. You can get instant access to your Linux desktop at anytime from within Microsoft Windows. This article will tell you everything you need to know in order to make a USB flash drive with Ubuntu Linux installed. You need:

– Obviously you need a USB flash drive (at least 2GB).

– You’ll need a working computer running Microsoft Windows with a USB port available.

– A copy of the Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy .ISO file (it’s 750MB).

– A copy of Qemu (this is the program that allows Ubuntu to actually run on Windows).

– A copy of Kqemu accelerator. This helps Qemu speed up Ubuntu.

– A copy of startubuntu.tar – This file holds two custom batch and img files.

– The HP-USB format tool to clear your USB drive.

Read rest of the procedure : How to put Ubuntu Linux on a flash drive and run it under Windows (


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  1. This would be great if it really works. The startubuntu.tar file does not work at the link from penlinux. This file has been noted on google to not work since sep 07. All attempts to get this fixed with penlinux go ignored.

    This tutorial is a waste of time and should be taken down or repaired. Penlinux will not give any assistance with this and suggests that you should buy their pre-loaded ubuntu flash drives if you are having trouble.

    Looks like this faulty file might be a deliberate attempt to get you to buy their product, if not why have they left this tutorial up so long without fixing it.

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