Uninstall IE8 Under Windows 7

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IE (Internet explore) was first released as part of the add-on package Plus! for Windows 95 in 1995. IE is fully integrated into MS operating system. IE has been subjected to many security vulnerabilities such as spyware, adware, and computer viruses. Removing Internet Explorer does have a number of consequences. Applications that depend on libraries installed by IE will fail to function, or have unexpected behaviors. A just-leaked build of Windows 7 lets users remove Internet Explorer (IE), the first time that Microsoft has offered the option since it integrated the browser with Windows in 1997.

Build # 7048 of Windows 7, Microsoft added the ability to safely remove Internet Explorer 8 from Windows. Microsoft does not allow the dependencies to be removed through this process, but the Internet Explorer executable (iexplore.exe) is removed without harming any other Windows components.


Also, The European Union’s antitrust agency may force Microsoft to include rival browsers in Windows, according to a regulatory filing submitted last week by the U.S. software developer.

I think this option was added in reaction to the EU charges.


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  1. Windows7 is starting to sound better and better… Pretty soon, you will be allowed to uninstall Windows and replace it with Ubuntu! 😉 Seriously, I am really starting to look at the Windows 7 OS as a really good MS OS, with all the extras that they are including and letting the end users do. Are they starting to listen?

  2. Finally Micro(Steals ur moneys)$oft has come up with A REALLY Good XP Upgrade Possibility. I Have 2 Notebooks, 1 running Kubuntu 8.10 & the other 1 is running XP. Maybe They Can Finally (hopefully, Fingerz crossed!!!) come up w/ a Open-Source Version of Windows??

  3. I wonder what this will mean for Windows explorer. what happens when you type an address in the url bar?

    1. I wonder what this will mean for Windows explorer. what happens when you type an address in the url bar?

      If you type an address into Windows Explorer, the final page opened using default browser. If default browser set to Safari or Firefox, the resultant page opens in firefox.

  4. They do give you the option, but its more like “disabling” it than removing it – files are still stored on your comp!

    Still, an improvement 😀 Now they just need to get a huge repository of open-source software and make a package manager to make life easier

  5. Now, if they could just disable the bloated GUI and the useless security center… Oh wait, that was DOS.

  6. I have installed windows 7 on my computer its basicly a upgraded version of vista from what I can see so far.. I haven’t had the time to play with it but I keep having trouble with my x84 IE8 file it wont open but my x64 IE8 file will… So they are not playing nice… So in my eye’s so far its just a vista update…. Unless Microsoft comes out with some really good updates for W7…

  7. Actually, Windows 7 is built on the framework of XP, but has the visuals of Vista.

    So basically, Windows 7 is Windows XP with the eye candy of Vista.

  8. W7 and Vista are both total crap.
    I’ve dumped them and reverted to XP Pro and the performance is far better.
    You couldn’t get me to run w7 even if they paid me for all the wasted time.

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