Unix beats Windows – says Microsoft!

Yet another claim from Microsoft. It includes some performance comparisons that show Singularity beating everything else on a 1.8Ghz AMD Athlon-based machine. The report is here and more comments here


We say nothing to see here let us move on 😉

Jem Matzan wrote review of FreeBSD 6.0. The FreeBSD operating system is finally through it’s buggy 5.x series and into the more reliable 6.x series. Most of the problems of the old days — kernel panics on multi-CPU machines, AMD64 troubles galore, and shaky network drivers — are gone. FreeBSD still isn’t perfect, but at least with 6.0-RELEASE it’s more stable and functional than it has been in the recent past. Read the full review.

On the other hand Ed Hurst covers very nice howto ‘Desktop FreeBSD: Upgrading to 6.0’. His experience with FreeBSD 6.0 is not bad as Jem had. To be frank FreeBSD is extremely stable and one of our UNIX sys admin runs FreeBSD Desktop 4.x on cutting edge P4 (HP) computer. Many folks who works at Yahoo or Google also uses FreeBSD as desktop on latest hardware. Read Ed’s howto here.

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