Discover UNIX and Linux Command line combinations to Expand your *nix vocabulary

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Martin Streicher has published a nice set of shell command tips to expand your UNIX vocabulary 🙂


From the article:
UNIX (and Linux) has a dialect all its own, and its vocabulary of commands is quite large. But you don’t have to learn everything all at once. Here, discover more command-line combinations and expand your mastery of the UNIX language.

UNIX, too, has a dialect all its own and, over the past six months, this Speaking UNIX series has provided something of a crash course in command-line locution. This month, learn several helpful phrases that will have you blending with the locals in no time. Grab your toothbrush, pack some comfortable shoes, and update your inoculations. You’re off for sun, sand, and shells. (For the sun and sand, scoop up your laptop, head to the beach, plop down near the water’s edge, and read this column. And don’t forget your sunscreen.)

=> Read Command-line locution – Expand your UNIX vocabulary at IBM developerworks…


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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