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From my mail bag:

I’m seriously considering getting trained myself with a UNIX / Linux education. Can you give me some general idea about salaries for computer professionals with diploma or degree education?

Salaries depends upon many factors such as:
=> Your country / location
=> Your credentials
=> Your level of experience
=> Your education level
=> Employer size
=> Industry
=> Job title etc

The best way to find information is just contact to your local recurring agency. Another old good option is LUG members. If you are located in U.S see Bureau of Labor Statistics website. After a quick search, I found following data (again valid for USA):

a] Tech support staff – US $50-55k p.a.
b] UNIX Sys / Net Admin – US $75-90k p.a.
c] UNIX Systems Manager – US $120k+ p.a.

There is no such data exists for India and salaries vary depending on diffrent factors. Please note that:

More Experience + Additional skillset   ==  More money

See also:

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=> Another Salary Survey Report for Job: Linux System Administrator (City and State search supported)

Feel free to share your experience in the comments.


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. It would be nice if you got a comparison chart of linux vs windows salaries.
    The demand for windows professionals are more and so are the salaries. Probably linux gurus are making much more – but not the average when compared to an average windows guy.

  2. Actually, quite the opposite I’ve heard. Unix admins tend to earn slightly more than Windows admins, and senior Unix admins earn substantially more.

    A lot of this is probably in definition: A lot of desktop support drones end up classified as Windows admins, however I think it also has to do with the skillset that unix admins need.

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