Linux Listen Internet Shoutcast and Icecast Radio With BMPx Media Player

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BMPx is the successor to the Beep Media Player. BMPx has simple user interface which is simple to use while being very powerful under the hood.


It can play all standard media file such as mp3, vorbis, ac3, wma and other popular formats. You can listen to shoutcast and icecast radio (internet radio or stream) using BMPx. It offers a list of thousands of free web radio station. Just pick your radio satiation and you are good to go.

GStreamer is a multimedia framework used to drive BMP’s audio backend. GStreamer is a library that allows the construction of graphs of media-handling components, ranging from simple Ogg/Vorbis playback to complex audio (mixing) and video (non-linear editing) processing. Everything that is playable under GStreamer is automatically playable in BMPx as well.

Install BMPx Audio Player

Simply use apt-get command to install BMPx:
$ sudo apt-get install bmp
Alternatively, you can grab BMPx source code here.

BMPx Linux / UNIX Audio Player
(Fig. 01: BMPx playing my favourite radio station)

One of the best thing about this software is it just works out of box – without constant crashes or weird behavior. Other bmpx cool usage:

  • Listen CNN or BBC news / radiopod
  • Use’s service
  • Use correct and canonical metadata

BMPx project home page


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3 comment

  1. Hi Is it possible to stream music from this player to shoutcast server? like the Winamp and the DSP plugin?
    Will this program work on Cent OS?

    Please advise thansk you.

  2. sadly, no. But you can find info in shoutcast website how to stream your music.
    BMPx is a player. I used it for some time in Fedora but after i have found how to get Rhythmbox getting shoutcast playlists (with an additional plugins) I removed BMPx, because it was not stable.

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