UNIX/Linux Shell shortcuts to save typing, toil, and time

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The mantra is Working smarter, not harder 🙂


In this article Martin Streicher shows us how to use UNIX shell effectively in order to save the time.

FTA, “Every skilled trade has its secrets — those little tricks, techniques, and tools that make light of even the most complex task. For instance, my neighbor is a master carpenter. His naked eye can measure and transfer angles with great precision, miters join seamlessly, and his finishing work has earned him acclaim in local newspapers.

But what’s more remarkable (at least to me — a lay person and an accident waiting to happen) is the relative ease with which he works. After some 20 years in the trade, there isn’t a shortcut he hasn’t mastered. The shortcuts shave a smidgen of time here, some labor there, yet with repetitive tasks such as making cuts, driving nails, and assembling framing, the savings really add up”

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