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VI / VIM – One UNIX / Linux editor to rule them all

I’ve used almost all text editors out there but one editor to rule them all! VI is almost 30+ year old editor; vim is the best clone and improvement.

There is a nice advocacy article, about vi/vim editing The main goal is to have an explanation so that NON-vi(m)ers can understand what the fuss is all about:

No, they are not dinosaurs who don’t want to catch up with the times – the community of vi users just keeps growing: myself, I only got started 2 years ago (after over 10 years of being a professional programmer). Friends of mine are converting today. Heck, most vi users were not even born when vi was written!

Yes, there are definite reasons why the vi/vim editing model is just superior to any other out there. And you don’t need to be a Unix whiz to use it, either: vim is available for free for almost any platform out there, and there are plug-ins to get the functionality inside all major IDEs. Let’s try to break a few misconceptions, and see some real examples of why it’s the killerest

Why, oh WHY, do those #?@! nutheads use vi?

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  • xTra May 18, 2007, 7:06 pm

    Yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai, vi hee acchay hai!

  • Helu Ty August 1, 2007, 7:47 am

    Send me an Unix command electronic book

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