Visual basic for Linux

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Terrific and good news for all VB developers…


Though often disparaged by developers, Visual Basic remains one of the world’s most commonly used programming languages. According to Forrester Research, 37 percent of enterprises use Microsoft Visual Basic.NET for development and maintenance of their in-house applications.

Until now, Visual Basic applications could only run on Windows OSes, without major modifications. With the Mono Visual Basic compiler, however, those applications will be able to run on many more platforms. As a proof point of this new platform independence, the new compiler is self-hosting. That is, the complier itself is written in Visual Basic.

=> Mono brings Visual Basic programs to Linux


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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5 comment

  1. Hello,

    I’m looking for some development languages on Linux (Redhat) that will allow me to display real-time values into some boxes inside some windows on Linux.

    Would you happen to know what visual languages I can use on Linux?


  2. hi sir,
    I have do more tray to install visual basic on linux so i did’t get more information about visual basic ple guide me. thanks.

  3. I wish to automate linux based IBM server, with VB.
    Some of the common tasks are sending keystrokes at a specific cursor location to the linux window, getting value from a specific cursor location…..and so on


  4. I’m made an application software on visual basic 6, complex-number.exe.
    My PC have dual OS, linux (Mint) and windows, for some people running windows program on linux, can use wine package.
    I’m download wine package for linux OS, and try to running complex-number.exe but it’s doesn’t work. I don’t understand why? Can you help me!

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