I'm back

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I was too busy for blogging.

I was silent for almost last entire week. I was busy creating a Linux based cluster and moving large number of servers to new IDC.

Few Interesting news:

Linux Foundation Formed With Backing From HP, IBM, Intel

The new group, which will employ Linux inventor Linus Torvalds, is being formed from the merger of Open Source Development Labs and the Free Standards Group.

Novell Launches Linux-vs.-Vista Comparison Site

Novell has just launched a Vista/Linux comparison site, in anticipation of the Jan. 31 arrival of the retail version of Windows Vista.

An Introduction to Linux – Demonstration Video

The demonstration video below is a walkthrough of what Linux is, how to get it, try it out in Live CD mode, install it as a dual-boot operating system with Windows, and how to use it, including how to set up the most common applications such as email and instant messaging.

Ubuntu Studio

A multimedia creation derivative of Ubuntu. Ubuntu Studio is aimed at the linux audio, video and graphic enthusiast as well as professional.

Download Flash Player 9 for Linux

Adobe Systems has released a Linux version of its latest Flash player, the software that enables Web browsers to view multimedia content, such as online videos.

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