What will desktop Linux be like four years from now?

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InfoWeek has an interesting article about the open-source future – What Linux Will Look Like In 2012:

Our open source expert foresees the future of Linux: By 2012 the OS will have matured into three basic usage models. Web-based apps rule, virtualization is a breeze, and command-line hacking for basic system configuration is a thing of the past.

I don’t know about others but I’m using Linux desktop since 1999 and it won’t change in 2012. May be it will be look like 😉
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=> What Linux Will Look Like In 2012

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  1. or perhaps

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  2. hm … im using it since ’96 …
    until 2002 i was using only the terminal (no X)
    my opinion is that in 2012 linux will be a better desktop than all others … but still we’ll use the power shell !
    in my world nothing can be done without shell …
    im using kde and on desktop No.1 there is konsole opened and nothing more …
    usefull shortcut: alt-f2
    and my suggestion for terminal addicted… usefull app: yakuake

  3. they will understand …
    beauty is taking valuable processor cycles …

    bash will win …
    low energy green friendly interfaces …

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  4. the world is becoming a free place finally and linux/open source will play one of the main roles…
    that’s how I see things with linux…

    great ideas live forever!

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