Why Did You Switch From IE ( Internet Explorer ) ?

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I was going though my server logs / Google Analytics settings and found that over 60% users are on MS-Windows. However, each and every month visitors are switching to Firefox or Google browser and so on. So I would like to know your reasons for making switch from IE to another browser.


=> Why did you switch?

=> Which browser did you switch to?


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. I first change to Opera, mostly because the tabs, then I change to firefox because some stability problems, I’ve at that time with Opera.
    When Chrome have a native version for Linux I will give it a try…

  2. Well, i switched from konqueror to Firefox so i am not really the type of users you are looking for (been already 8 years on Linux with no exceptions) but the reasons are the same as mentioned – Extensions and speed.

  3. I have been using Firefox as my primary web browser since v1.0 and I’ve never looked back. I do use and test all web browsers including Chrome, Safari, IE, and Opera, but none of them compare to Firefox.

    I switched from IE to Firefox back in the day because it was lighter, faster, and had tabbed browsing. Since then I continue to use it because I love the culture and open-source nature of Mozilla, Firefox’s Gecko rendering engine is super fast and mature and it adheres to web standards. I love the extensions and the constant innovation coming out of Mozilla. IE has nothing on Firefox. I like Google Chrome but I like Firefox better.

  4. Same as Mario. Back in my WIndows 9x days I found Opera’s tabbed browsing a godsend: opening multiple IE windows would produce a “system low on resources” (which?) message.

    Now I alternate between Firefox and Opera on Debian, and whenever I have to use a Windows desktop and IE is my only option I find it slow and primitive by comparison.

  5. I use Firefox, but I have to use IE on my job (I Hate That).

    – open source and it’s useful on Linux.
    – Faster for me on Window$.
    – More decent for me.

    Sometimes I use lynx or links too, but I can’t watch pr0n 😀


  6. I use Firefox for one thing: the Foxmarks extension. Well, Foxmarks now works with IE and Safari, so we’ll see if FF stays on my desktop.

  7. Switched to Opera back when you had to pay for it, because the features were so much better than IE’s. Stayed with it because it’s still the easiest browser to configure for website security: set your overall preferences to turn everything off — cookies, java, javascript, popups, etc – then when you hit a site that needs it, hit F12 and config for that site. Tabs are still better than IEs, and Speed Dial is cool.

  8. Well… originally it was because it didn’t run on Solaris 2.5.1. 🙂

    More recently, having gone back to a Vista laptop, I use Chrome for my personal browsing, and IE for work based stuff — there is still a lot of gear out there that doesn’t work in Firefox or Chrome.

  9. I switched to Firefox because of a bug in Internet explorer (displaying old data on some pages).
    Now I can’t switch back because:
    – I have now also switched to Linux.
    – I love the bookmark search while typing keywords in address bar
    – I love the ctrl-k shortcut to enter a google search

  10. I switched to Opera about four years ago. I had quite vague ideas about its security compared to IE, and also there were some handy features, and speed, of course. When I became interested in Linux, I was glad to know Opera runs on non-Win platforms too. For all these years I’ve become addicted to Opera’s features and feel (almost) no need in other borwsers’ ones. So I stand firm.

  11. Firefox:
    * tabs – was thoroughly sick of having 15-20 windows open to research “howtos” or bugs or similar.
    * non-fascist software. ie the freedom to browse the internet the way *I* choose to. Not forced into a rigid mode that insists it knows what’s best for me.
    Plugins are love.

  12. I never switched from IE as I never used it. Have been using Firefox Mozilla browsers, opera, safari, etc..

    Some time I’m forced to use IE due microsoft polities & illiterate users.

  13. Firefox is more easy and comprehensive. About me best thing is Add-on facility on Mozilla. I love to do add-on, themes etc..

    Easy to use.
    Password remember, site history etc.

  14. When I switched it was for the tabbed browsing. I stay “switched” for the Add-ons.
    Firefox is just so much more usable, for want of a better word.

  15. I had to make use an old PC – ex server P2-350mhz, 256mb ram sometimes back. Installed Fluxbuntu on it. Did some comparison between Firefox and Opera, and found out that Opera won hands down in memory efficiency. I opened more than 30 tabs and watched that Firefox got to swap while Opera did not. You can easily notice the sluggishness of Firefox which not happened in Opera. Have been fanatic to Opera since then. I hide IE in my WinXP-preinstalled netbook (don’t know how to uninstall it) and ALWAYS use Opera on it. Try to test them both in thin environment and see what I mean … 🙂

  16. Why not making a poll with well organized options regarding this matter?
    Using Firefox mostly (feeling more secure by using NoScript, speed etc) except when page is not optimized for it.
    Used Netscape, Opera, Maxthon, Avant…

  17. –>Opera.

    Tried Opera v7 ‘s mouse gestures and loved it since then.

    IE is so clunky, you could feel it….

  18. Although, I mostly view this blog with firefox on a centos box, I left IE after ver 5 or so. When I found you could block scripts with the noscript plugin and then the drag and drop plug in for firefox, I switched. Blocking scripts, that IE allowed and knowing what was being run on the site I was viewing was fantastic. IE just wasnt secure enough. It sitll isnt.

  19. I have IE8, Firefox and Chrome running just to test out which one I use the most.
    Turns out I use chrome the most.

    I think because it is faster en very agile. I like Chrome the best.
    Although I have to use IE profesionally.

  20. On Linux, I use Firefox because Opera is non-Free (as in speech). I’m HUNGRY for Google Chrome to be released on Linux, so I can ditch the bloated, crashing Firefox.

    On Windows I use Google Chrome. I think it’s slick, and not as bloated as Firefox. I haven’t used IE regularly since I quit my job where I was not allowed to run anything but IE6.

  21. IE failed to provide significant changes to their browser due to their lack of competition because they had a monopoly over the browser market.

    I switch between Firefox and Opera. I’ve never really used IE for any length of time. So it wasn’t really a switch.

  22. I’m the same as: Denis 02.11.09 at 8:26 pm.

    But I started into linux back in 1999, Netscape and later Mozilla were it, at the time.
    Since Firefox’s early inception, I’ve avoided IE at all costs. Firefox is it.

  23. Opera since one of the early versions (cannot remember if I actually used it since 1.0, but…)

    What originally won me over, was mouse gestures, tabs and password manager. Now it also has bookmarks synchronisation, which I cannot remember how I lived/surfed without earlier.

    Firefox has all the features of Opera (and loads more), but Opera to me has always seemed easier to use and feels quicker and more responsive.

    Opera also seems more stable than Firefox on Windows. In Linux they both crash a lot, but Opera crashes so often that I’m leaning towards Firefox on Linux at the moment.

  24. I like all the extensions Firefox has. Firefox is more secure.
    It is open source. It just looks better than IE.

  25. I’ve used Linux for the last 12 years. I’ve never used IE on a regular basis. I’ve either used Netscape or Mozilla/FireFox.

    From the begining FireFox has always had better features than IE such as tabbed browsing, better security, etc.

  26. I originally began use Netscape Navigator back in the ’90s; I don’t believe IE existed then so I never really became accustomed to using IE even after it came out unless it was absolutely necessary. Furthermore, IE was limited to only running on machines using MS Windows. Of course, when Firefox came along I was delighted. Needless to say, Firefox is my browser of choice on all of my Linux-based machines and also my windows-based machines. I did try Opera for a while, but went back to Firefox.

  27. IE kept being hijacked. Then I realized IE stored passwords but I couldn’t view them. I had to use a 3rd party app to do that. So I switched to Firefox. I then finally kissed IE (and Windows for that matter) goodbye when I switched to Ubuntu. I never looked back since.

  28. Browser : FireFox “FF”
    extensions “Addons” :firebug,greasemonkey,live http headers,Header Spy,webDev,ChatZilla,firegrease,colorpicker.
    Reason For Choosing FF :Maximum Customization , Fast, can Satrt it from Run 😛 i think i love this one so much cuz i always use run while working with windows ,Organized ,Secure User Profile With Password “FF Profiles”,easy in import export (Profiles,BookMarks,…,etc)
    Hate it When it start to eat ,leak Computer resource’s 🙁 but in the end FF is the Best

  29. I use Opera preferably. I like its style…
    However, I did not *switch* to it. My customers use IE mostly, so any software I am writing has to conform to IE requirements and behavior. I would also say now IE
    is not so bad comared to Opera or FF as it used to be.
    What I really hate is the VISTA. And I hate the notebooks that come with Vista and you cannot find drivers for it to be able to switch to the good old XP. Please, believe me, that with the exception of some nice young ladies 🙂 every single customer asks me to buy an XP machine or even to remove the Vista from his newly-bought piece…

  30. Switched to firefox, and later to Chrome, because i like to test many new things, and frankly they surpassed IE in every way i look. There is no way i would switch back to IE. It would feel like getting back to stoneage.

  31. I have always used mozilla (netscape way back) one reason should be obvious on this
    site because I use linux primarily….duh! And where that isnt the reason its because I
    hate microsoft and their greedy monopolistic ways thoughout the years. They have
    always wielded their power to bilk the world and all IT. They are above the law and
    hampered world progress greatly. They are greedy despots and anything I can do to
    hasten their downfall Im gonna do….Do you understand??? good! byeeee

  32. ->Firefox

    ->IE always crashes when we keep long sessions( and also I lost money many times while doing online transactions because of this 🙁 )…some time won’t respond when we click somewhere on the page while loading 🙁

  33. I am using Firefox, it has lots of plug ins, addons.
    It updates all the necessary plugin using its own database with out much process.
    It has tabs facility, where in explorer i used to open each site an explorer.
    It recovers from crash with saved sites and data. Its so cool.

    IE is a mess.

  34. Hay…. causes.. are….
    just work with firefox and ie simultaneously
    automatically we know causes…
    ie.. wont response some times and it go crash and it won’t support plugins and many trojans, viruses are targeted to this
    firefox & opera.. i luv 2.. bcoz.. they are cool

  35. Internet explorer used to crash on me all the time, it was unusable for me. I found Firefox to be far faster, much more stable and secure, and it rendered web pages a lot better. Opera I use on occasion as well and for the same general reasons that I use Firefox.

    I tried Google Chrome as well, but it has a lot of things that really bother me so I don’t use it anymore.

    I’m actually so used to Firefox, that at school where in most of the building IE is the only browser available (but they’ve seen the light and some computers now have the default browser as Firefox) I’m so used to Firefox that I habitually start using firefox keystrokes and people ask me what the heck I’m doing.

    My blogs:
    But Now You Know It
    The Philosophy of nate

  36. I love open source.
    I use firefox…..Its very flexible and you can customize it as you want. main thing I love firefox adds-on and theme. I thought all the browser (Google, Safari and Opera )is greater that IE..

  37. i use firefox on windows & osx
    reason, firefox is safer/secure, faster, less bloated
    it has a very wide support & tons of extensions, the ones i use: noscript & adblockplus
    no version of IE can compete with that
    looks like m$ still doesnt understand what they do wrong
    that is because they dont listen to the crowd instead they rather force you use their bloaded system

    on osx i prefer firefox because safari is very slow in loading pages
    and has poor & limited functions, offline browsing is not possible
    and some other things
    i used safari once on windows and i was not impressed

  38. Because:
    1.It’s fast.
    2. In the earlier versions of IE, ‘new tab’ options was not available. So, I started liking firefox!
    3. Provision to customise!

  39. tried sviron (chrome alternative without all the logging of what you are doing) and firefox and have to say i have went back to ie7 ,
    while i find issues with occasionally , hanging ,crashes and such i still find it quicker then firefox and with more friendly features then sviron.

    each to their own i suppose 😀

  40. The add-ons of course. Not to IE has some cascading style sheet layout issues. I run a few blogs, typically Joomla!, WordPress, e107, and Drupal. IE has a problem rendering some of the slickest themes from Joomla and e107. There really is only around 5 mainstream browsers that people use (IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and there are others, but those are the most popular). All of these, even the compact browsers I use on my flash drive could render these particular sites, but IE couldn’t.

    Microsoft has been behind in a few things lately. They’re playing catchup on a lot of fronts!


  41. IE was soooo damn slow (pathetic really), the pop-ups and constant nag screens with IE were really annoying (kind of like flash is now). Plus after a while security was a real concern with IE. Switched to Firefox, dig the tabbed browsing and highlight to search capabilities. Haven’t tried any of the extensions other than flashblock.

  42. => Why did you switch?

    I chose opera over firedfox because it requires several extensions to be at the basic level of features any other modern browser provides, it quickly became a pain to maintain all extensionsthere’s no certainty that the extension will be available for the next ff version. I also dislike a lot the marketing around this product.
    I chose opera because it provides almost all I need out of the box, provides for a more complete and smoother usage.

    => Which browser did you switch to?

    I switched from maxthon to firefox to opera

  43. i most like Firefox. because comparing with ie.. firefox is very fast. after that i like to use ie-v6.0 is better than ie7 and ie8.

  44. I’d love to switch from IE8 because when I’ve opened and closed many tabs, it starts having weird graphics glitches with the tabs.
    But here is why I still use IE8 :
    – Firefox : every versions leaks memory. If I want to use it, I’ve to close it often or the memory usage will constantly grows
    – Opera : looks like a nice browsers but have lot of problems with many websites
    – Chrome : well, it’s Google : enough said…
    – Safari : keeps regularly crashing with Flash or Flex applications

    On Linux, I’m only using wget, Linux isn’t ready for desktop usage yet.

    On OSX (very rarely), I’m using Opera.

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