Why my server recognized only 1 CPU in an SMP server under Linux?

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I am recently graduated from college and working as a tech support. My job includes on site server installation and basic configuration. I am new to Linux. To be frank they just provided me five days training for both server hardware and Linux operating-system installation.

It was white box Intel dual SMP server. For some weird reason system was detecting only 1 processor recognized in an SMP machine. I called my boss and told him about my problem. He said install smp kernel using rpm or yast command. The problem was – it was only detecting one CPU 🙁 Finally, after much frustration I called my friend who is working with other firm. He said try to update BIOS of server.

And it worked like a charm 😀 after BIOS upgrade server started to detect two CPUs :). I learned my lesson:

  • Always use updated BIOS and setup correct BIOS settings
  • Do not use a uni-processor (UP) kernel image
  • Google is your friend.

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Posted by: Vivek Gite

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