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WordPress 2.0.7 available for download

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WordPress 2.0.7 has been released. From the announcement page:

Recently a bug in certain versions of PHP came to our attention that could cause a security vulnerability in your blog. We are able to work around it fairly easily, so we’ve decided to release 2.0.7 to fix the PHP security problem and the Feedburner issue that was in 2.0.6. It is recommended that everyone running WordPress 2.0.6 or lower upgrade to this new version.

We know it sucks to have a release only 10 days after our last one, but we think it’s important enough for your blog to be secure to do it, and hopefully only having to change a few files will make the upgrade easier than normal.

Additional Security tip

Consider putting wp-admin directory in a password protected directory using Apache or Lighttpd web server. This will avoid lots of security problem.

=> Download WordPress 2.0.7.

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