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Posted on last updated December 1, 2014

If you are a Unix/Linux/OSX user and/or Sysadmin/DevOps ninja, nixCraft is the place to write about FOSS, Linux, and Unix. Currently, nixCraft is looking to publish two/three long articles and eight medium sized posts a month.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for contributors who are passionate about FOSS and Linux. You must understand FOSS and related technologies deeply, and you want to share that passion with fellow FOSS users and sysadmins. You must follow the nixCraft style:

  • Hands-on direct approach with good set of examples.
  • Topic must be to the point and must be written in English (UK/US) only.

On what topics?

We are interested in any one of the following topic or topic that you are passionate about:

  1. RHEL/CentOS/Debian/Ubutnu server distros.
  2. DevOps related topics.
  3. FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
  4. Apple OS X.
  5. Command line hacks.
  6. Perl or Python programming for sysadmins/developers.
  7. Android programming for new users on Linux.
  8. *nix server optimization, fine tuning and security.
  9. Firewalls, encryption and VPN setups on *nix.
  10. Hardware, IT, virtualization, and cloud computing.

How to contribute to nixCraft

If you wish to write for nixCraft, contact us at [email protected] to discuss your interests or to get topic lists from us. Please do not just send articles without talking to us first.


Style Guide For Authors

nixCraft tries to stand from the crowd by providing hands on approch. The overall voice of an article should be factual and authoritative. Please document your source. We usually recommend the following style (but feel free to modify style to express your style and opinion) for sysadmin related topics:

  • Quick topic introduction
  • Goal/Deliverable
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Testing
  • Debugging tips
  • Conclusion
  • Resources/links

Markdown and submission guideline:

Simply use html tags (sorry no wiki style markdown). For example:

<pre lang="python">
 All python code goes 


<pre lang="perl">
 All perl code goes here


<pre lang="bash">

For user (non-root) shell commands use:



<code>$ shell-command1</code>

For root shell commands use:

<code># Shell-command arg1 arg2 ...</code>

For command or program outputs use:

outputs goes here

For config file use:

<pre lang="ini">
  foo = bar
  users = tom, jerry
  1. Be concise and send all images in a tar ball format only. All articles must be submitted in a text format only (sorry no pdf or doc format).
  2. Acronyms should be spelled out on their first use (except the most common one such as GNU, BSD)
  3. A page is defined as 300 words excluding code samples and images. I suggest articles to be around 1500 words in length. But, it can very depend upon topic. Minimum page length is around 900 words.

Copyrights and further reproduction:

As a author you retain the copyrights for work. I ask that you grant nixCraft (www.cyberciti.biz) exclusive rights to publish your work i.e. all contributed articles exclusively licensed to nixCraft for first 60 days only. Thereafter, we retain the right to publish the material, and release it under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA). After the 60 days period, you may republish work however you wish with the following simple line on your own blog or elsewhere/github etc:

 ** This was originally published in nixCraft: URL to your article - www.cyberciti.biz/my/url/ **

I ask this to avoid confusion for both readers and search engines. We already compensated for your time. But, we don’t want to take your content for granted forever. Everything get remixed on the Internet. We are good guys ;)

Other T & C:

  • Skip all SEO/link building crap. We are not a link exchange network. Our editors are good at detecting such bad stuff.
  • All outgoing links must be relevant to the topic only.
  • Please proof read your article before sending to us.
  • Please do not copy and paste from other blogs, wikipedia or other sources.
  • We reserve the right to reject any topic or article if they are poorly written.
  • We reserve the right to edit your article for typos/grammar and other corrections as and when pointed out by our readers.
  • You will only get paid if article published on www.cyberciti.biz
  • We prefer quality over ghost writing.
  • Payment only via Paypal or in form of Amazon.com gift cards.
  • All payments are issued in 1st week of month only.